Healthy Holidaze

Thanksgiving is over but Christmas is fast approaching.

What is it about these holidays that make it so hard to stay true to our health and fitness goals?

Personally, college as become a sanctuary of health and wellness. I have transformed the way I eat and work out and developed a schedule that is constant and automatic. However, home is a trigger of my old habits.

Unfortunately, upon returning home for Thanksgiving I resorted to a habit of binging that I developed in high school. Although I have transformed in college, being at home surrounded by the environment and foods I was accustomed to in high school caused me to revert to unhealthy responses. They do say that old habits die hard.

Looking to the future month I am to spend at home, I am determined to kill these habits for good and remain healthy over December break. Ruining a month of work over 4 days really hit home with me. I know y’all feel the same so here are a couple ways to stay healthy, and not fall into a holidaze 😉

1. Don’t be afraid of the weather! Cold weather may seem daunting and unwelcoming, but it does a whole lot of good to get some fresh air and sunshine in the dark winter months. Vitamin D from the sun and endorphins from exercise will kick any blues to the curb! Plus, the fresh wind really wakes you up. Bundle up and go for a run or even a nice walk. Finding the weather truly unbearable? Try these at-home workouts:

2. Healthy food can be comfort food: any of your favorites can be made into a much healthier alternative. Craving mashed potatoes? Try this recipe for mashed cauliflower. Starbucks drinks? Try these- 1, 2, 3! Pumpkin pie you say? Done! Here’s a list of a couple more healthy alternatives:

3. Just get moving. The absolute hardest part of a workout is getting your clothes on and just starting. Once you get moving, you’ll be set! Challenge yourself every day to make that first step and get out the door. Remind yourself that once you take that first step, the rest will be a piece of cake! And you will never regret a workout.


4. Practice mindfulness and moderation. Indulging every now and again isn’t terrible. It keeps you sane and prevents binges! Just be mindful of what you’re eating and how it makes you feel after. Think of what led you to want to indulge, why you want to, and just how much you want. Serve yourself a pre-portioned amount and savor every bite. Practice enjoying the indulgence so you won’t go back for seconds, thirds, or fourths. Be mindful with every meal and try to stay tuned in to your body. Cue in to your hunger and thirst and take your time.



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4 thoughts on “Healthy Holidaze

  1. Thanks for sharing Foodie Fiasco’s gingerbread latte, Manon! I often struggle with holiday binges as well; you’re right in the fact that you are not, in any way shape or form, alone with the “holidaze”! These tips are wonderful and inspiring! Hopefully I can manage to make myself put them to good use in the next couple of months;-)


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