Oil Pulling

With all my searching of random health websites, blogs and the like, I have come across strange processes and life choices that intrigue me. Recently, I came across a process called “oil pulling” and decided to try it out and report back on what I thought of it.

First off, oil pulling is a process in which you swish 1-2 teaspoons of vegetable based oil (sesame, coconut or olive) around your mouth for 20 minutes then spit it out. The process is supposed to draw toxins out of the body and polish and whiten your teeth. (If you want to read more on it check out these websites: 1, 2 and read about a similar experiment to mine: 1)

Without further ado, here are my findings!

the coconut oil I used!


Day 1- The first bite of coconut oil felt kinda gross, but once it turned to liquid it was MUCH better. I only used about a teaspoon because I could not handle that much coconut oil in my mouth! I felt a little nauseous, but it was not too hard to keep it in for the full 20 minutes. There was a bit of coconut aftertaste but my teeth felt smooth and clean.

Day 2- Knowing what the coconut oil was going to taste like made the first bite way worse, but once it was melted in my mouth the 20 minutes went by very quickly. Any feelings of nausea from the first day were gone, and my teeth felt very smooth after!

Day 3- It was still hard to take the first leap, and I found it harder to keep it in my mouth for the full 20 minutes. I noticed a dry throat, but had the same results as before with smooth teeth.

Day 4- It gets easier every day to take the first step, but 20 minutes is very long. I find I have to find something to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of the oil swishing in my mouth.

Day 5- Today was easy and I just distracted myself until the end. I had the same results as on previous days!

Final thoughts: Overall, the process isn’t terrible. It is not something I could do for extended periods of time because 1) my coconut oil supply dwindled 2) 20 minutes really feels long and 3) it takes time and scheduling since you are not supposed to eat beforehand. The process delivered the desired result of slightly whiter teeth (after only 5 days!) and smooth, plaque-free teeth, but I feel that the costs outweigh the benefits on a daily basis. However, it could definitely work for a quick teeth whitener/cleaner!

Let me know if you guys try it or have any questions about my short experiment!



Photo Credits: 1


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