What’s Healthy?

The reason many people have trouble losing weight or living a healthier life is they are missing the answer to the most essential and basic question: What is healthy?

While I wish I could say “just eat your vegetables” or “do half an hour of cardio everyday”, I really can’t. Being healthy is something that is different for everybody, and most of the time you have to figure out for yourself what works best for your body. Even scientists and nutritionists only have an idea; one day they tell you a food is bad for you and the next it’s good (although some foods have very consistent results in which case follow their advice!)

For example, in my journey I have studied and experimented with diets and exercises that people claim are the “best” way or the “healthiest” lifestyle. But for many of these instances, those diets and lifestyles did not work for me. And so I kept trying.

What I learned from these many experiences was that I couldn’t just copy and paste someone else’s life into my own. There are so many circumstances in our lives that make us different from someone else — from where we work down to the food we have available to us. These differences make it virtually impossible to be healthy just by doing the exact same thing that someone else does. We can study their experiences and build similar elements into our own lives, but in the end it comes down to staying in tune with our bodies and listening to what our bodies need.

If you go on a certain diet, don’t go in haphazardly for a month just to see if you lose weight. Every meal and day, pay attention to how the changes are affecting your overall well being and mental state. Some people may react strongly to dairy (bloating, gas, stomach pain, etc.) and feel entirely better when they cut it out, whereas for others, things like greek yogurt can be a great supplement to their diets as a source of protein.

For this reason, it is okay to try out different diets like gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian, but make sure that you are doing them because it is what makes you feel best, not what makes someone else feel best. This is also why I don’t like when people shame others’ lifestyles just because they think their way is the only right way. Being vegan might be right for you, but you shouldn’t harass other people into following your lifestyle.

While I would like to say that I’ve started figuring out what is healthy for me, I still haven’t found exactly the perfect combination, and that’s OK. It’s a journey — not a destination — and I am enjoying becoming stronger and exploring my options! Personally, I would love to try out some different diets and see how they affect my energy, clarity and digestion. I’m hoping to try going vegan for a month when I use up all the animal products I have in my fridge (and I will definitely blog about it)!

I have been pescetarian my whole life and recently started eating chicken in college from lack of protein options, but here are a couple diets/workouts I want to try :

If my month of being vegan goes well, I will try to go a month on the other diets! I am planning to record how I feel on each diet and take photos for reference as well.

With this, I hope that no matter what lifestyle you all are following, you will find what is healthy by listening. Listen to what your body and mind are telling you, and if you feel like something isn’t working, try something different and tell me about it! I would love to hear about all of your experimentation, exploration and journeys overall.



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