How I LOST the Freshman 15

With January ending and February beginning, I have to say I am extremely proud of myself. I have done what I never thought I would accomplish in college, or EVER, and I have pushed myself to new limits that I never thought I would reach. In August, I had reached an all time high weight of 127.8 pounds. This was my wake up call. I didn’t feel good about my body even though I was strong (and running about 35-40 miles a week), and that number scared me. I know it is terrible to think too much about your weight but seeing that number was the motivation I needed.

Coming into college I did struggle a little. I was stuck in a cycle of trying to eat healthier and being caught back up in binges. Old habits die hard, and binge eating has to be one of the hardest to break. However, I never gave up.

Throughout October and November I still struggled, but it got easier. It got easier to tell people that I didn’t want any sweets or that I couldn’t do anything in the morning because I was going to the gym. I became more dedicated to my health, and I began to see results.

By mid-November I achieved what I thought was impossible: I had lost the freshman 15. Going into college, losing the freshman 15 had been a goal of mine, but I never thought I would be able to do it with my binging habits. In November I was 112.8 pounds and proud, but still not satisfied. The problem was that I was fixated on that goal of 15 pounds and I wasn’t paying enough attention to how my body was changing. Because of my skewed goals, it was still hard to stick to a nutritious and healthy lifestyle.

Going back home over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks were huge triggers for me with my binge eating and I struggled again and gained weight. With one of my friends from NU, we made a pact to be good over winter break and after a week of being off track from Christmas I dragged myself back on, and I am so happy I did.

By the time New Year’s rolled around I knew it was my chance to start fresh. I don’t know what was different about my outlook, but starting January 1st I began eating completely healthy. I stopped craving bad foods and it became easier to resist temptation. I made the goal of completing the entire JanYOUary calendar by Blogilates and I stuck to it. Every. Single. Day. I would do the videos in the morning then go to the gym and do cardio or go to BodyPump or yoga at night.

2015 changed me. Something about the change in the days and the change in the year triggered a massive change in my lifestyle and now I can’t even think about not living like this. It is February 1st, and I have completed the Blogilates calendar and I have reached a new low weight of 110.8. I look back on the past month and I am extremely proud. I see changes in my body that I can’t remember ever seeing: my abs are more pronounced, my lower belly is flatter, my biceps have significantly less fat. I think the major change was altering my goals from weight-centered to health-centered.

my change from August-January (5 months approx.)

body transformation


Since I had already accomplished the goal of losing the freshman 15 I no longer thought just about my weight. I wanted to eat healthy to feel healthy. I wanted to be a better person and a better version of myself. Although I still have a ways to go, I love being able to see so much progress in only a month of dedication. Even though my goal was to only finish the month of Blogilates, seeing so much change in my physique is so motivating and I want to continue! Plus, this month has made these healthy changes habits in my schedule, and now they feel automatic and natural.

Going forward, I want to continue on my fitness journey with a more positive outlook on my body and focus on what feels good for me. I am constantly working on being better. While I did use MyFitnessPal since August to help me pay attention to what I was eating, my new challenge for the month of February is to listen to what my body needs. I am starting a Raw ‘Till 4 diet for the month, which doesn’t allow calorie restriction and emphasizes eating whole, healthy foods until you are satisfied. I will continue with the FABruary Blogilates calendar (since I saw such positive results from this month) but turn my focus to feeling energized and clean with everything I am putting in my body. It will be difficult to not pay attention to how many calories I’m eating since it has become so ingrained, but this is a challenge, and I will do it.

For those struggling to lose the freshman 15 or hell ANY 15 — 20% of change is in the gym and 80% is diet. The second I committed to a whole, healthy diet, I saw change. Use apps like MyFitnessPal to get you jumpstarted, and try to workout every day. What worked for me was Blogilates videos every morning (40-60 minutes) then either running on the treadmill (30-50 minutes) or going on the elliptical (60 minutes) for cardio days or attending BodyPump for weightlifting 2-3x a week. I mixed in yoga to give my body some stretching and relaxation (about 1-3x a week). I ate when I was hungry, but not more.

Just Do. Not. Give. Up.

I had ups and downs, and I will have many more, but fitness is a journey, and I’m in it for the long run.



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