Single Ladies


The single life. It is praised, revered, adored, hated — no one knows what to think about it. At some points I think: it is good to be single. It’s good to be able to be selfish with my time and not think about fitting someone else into my life. It is good to be independent and figure out what I want and need in life. However, as I get older and more experienced in the single life, I realize that it can get old. I’ve had my share of experiences with guys, but hey, can’t a girl crave a little love every once in a while?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, no one is allowed to forget that they are single. It is inevitable that somewhere in the month of February (or even before) one will stumble upon at least one reminder of the holiday. While I appreciate the idea of showing your significant other that you love them, I personally feel that it is just a Hallmark Holiday and you should do small acts of kindness/show your love every day of the year.

I digress.

Through my long, 18-year life (ha ha) I have only had one serious relationship where we were considered “dating”. This was in my senior year of high-school and, long story short, it didn’t work out. However, now that I am in college I feel that I have gotten past the partying and random hook-ups. I feel now that I want intellectual and emotional connection and someone who can be both your best friend and your love.

And thus, with the coming of this Valentine’s Day I feel like I have reached a level of maturity in coming to college. It is stepping in the direction of caring more about myself and not flinging myself at random guys and regretting it later.

To all the single ladies: enjoy the day as Galentine’s Day (woo Parks and Recreation) and don’t go searching for love.




Love will find its way around into your life when the time is right. You first need to focus on yourself. Love yourself, treat yourself right, connect with the people around you — and soon enough someone will see this clarity in you and love you in all of your glory. Enjoy the single life, enjoy relationships and don’t stress about it! This is your life. It is about you! Not you and a significant other. Thrive in being single and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, and appreciate the relationships you do have rather than being upset over a relationship you don’t have.



treat yo





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