Keep it positive

Positivity is hard. When times are tough, and it seems like nothing is going right, I will be the first to say that optimism is difficult. However, in all times of life, positivity is crucial.

I am a firm believer in the idea that what happens is meant to be. From this aspect, I think that if something happens that is unfortunate or upsets you, you should always strive to look for the positive side and remain optimistic.

Recently, stress and the end of my school quarter really brought my efforts to be healthy to a halt, and I gave up all hope of eating clean. But the one thing I realized was that despite the total train wreck of the past 2 weeks, I didn’t give up all hope on my fitness journey. I saw that it was a time of stress and that my willpower was weakened, and I simply resolved that I would continue my journey when my life was back together.

And when I say it was a train wreck, it really was. We had initiation and I ate a solid 4 bagels for breakfast and 5 slices of pizza for lunch. That bad. And that’s only one day. I really indulged myself and felt like I had no control over what I was eating. It was horrible. I also got very little sleep, which was probably the main reason for my loss of willpower and cravings.

Not only was my diet terrible, but the winter definitely took a toll on my emotional state. Seasonal depression is very real and only with the recent turn in the weather have I realized what a difference some sun can make! The spring weather has invigorated me and made me way more energized and ready for the day than I was previously. I’m ready to start fresh!

Now that I am also free of my classes, I have been able to find time for my health and for this blog. I truly appreciate everyone that comes on my blog to read, and I feel like I have not been doing the best job keeping it updated! In the next two weeks I will definitely have more time 🙂

The main point is that you have to stay positive. It is one of the most difficult things to do, but it is so so so crucial to keeping your goals and staying healthy. Despite my setbacks, I am trying to reset my body for the new quarter and start again like I did in January. The important thing is to stay true to your goals no matter how far back you fall, and to remember that you should start working toward your goals now. Don’t wait for the next day, or the next week or the next month. The next time you have a snack or a meal matters — every choice counts!

Good luck to everyone during their finals and spring breaks — these can be especially trying times when you are trying to establish a good workout routine and a healthy diet!




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