Happy April Fools Day! and a Life Update

I’m not one for pranks on April Fools day so just enjoy your first day of April! (No surprises in this blog post)

Life Update: currently trying out the Whole30! I am on day 19 of the 30 and I feel amazing. I have to say I wasn’t totally convinced that it was helping but I feel so energized! Today I was planning on a 7 mile run and I ended up going for 7.35 miles at a 7:03 pace (faster than I have ever run by myself, and for over 7 miles)! I am happy with the results so far, and I can’t wait to see how else my body changes over the next 11 days. At this rate, I think I might continue this lifestyle way past the 30 days. I’ll definitely make a cumulative post about my Whole3o at the end for those of you curious. Let me know if you’ve tried out the Whole30 and what it was like for you!
Go out and enjoy the lovely weather if it is available to you and get in a good workout today!



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