What is the Whole30? It is a 30 day commitment to eating whole, unprocessed foods. It cuts out foods that humans have a predisposition to be intolerant to like dairy, gluten and soy. Read more on the Whole30 website!

With the end of my Whole30 here are some thoughts on the whole process and how mine went!

  1. Was it easy?
    • Honestly, it wasn’t bad! You do have to plan ahead a little and it’s hard if you’r going out to restaurants, but it is mostly easy if you put your mind to it! I realized after I finished that I didn’t completely stick to it since some things in our dining hall are strangely cooked with soybeans, but I still felt changes in my body.
  2. What was the hardest part?
    • I think one of the hardest parts was explaining why I was doing the Whole30 to friends who saw it as drastic. Another was constantly being aware and asking question about what was in my food and how it was cooked! You definitely realize that if you are not cooking your own food, you ingest a lot of things you are unaware of!
  3. What was your favorite Whole30 recipe?
  4. What effects did you feel?
    • My body felt way more energized and clean! My workouts were definitely better after my body detoxed. Just make sure you still drink lots of water and get sleep and you’ll feel great.
  5. What did you learn from it?
    • I realized I do have intolerances to a lot of the food I was eating! It’s really hard now to not eat Whole30/Paleo because my body reacts poorly to the foods making me not want to eat them. I never imagined that the foods I ate so frequently could be bad for my digestive system.
  6. Would you do it again?
    • Yes!! I want to do it again! I feel like although I did technically complete it, I didn’t do it perfectly. And it’s not supposed to be perfect, but I want to do it when I am cognizant of truly everything I am putting in my body! I feel like even though it has ended I will continue with what they call the Whole9 Life which is pretty much a continuation of Whole30 with relaxations to the rules.

Here are some useful links if you want to do the Whole30!

If you have any questions for me let me know!



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